Blue Hours

In the land of near-endless blue hours
Lives a melancholic soul.

In search for inner solitude
He longs for boundless love.

The passing landscapes makes him think
Of summers passed and summers yet to come.


2 kommentarer om “Blue Hours

  1. This one’s very good. Are you that melancholic soul? the already and the not yet (not talking about theology here) are all in the here and now. There are indeed moments like that. It makes you wonder if all three are actually the same.

    Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Thank you, Josephine! I really appreciate your comment. And your point is very interesting. There are indeed moments like that, moments of feeling the «eternal now», so to say. Moments when the strong duality between past and future does not seem to make sense. I don’t know, but perhaps those are moments of deep insights? And yeah, I guess I am that melancholic soul.

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